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Injunction and Restraining Order

Source: “In the District Court of Iowa, In and For Black Hawk County”, in the James William Maucker Papers, Box 29, Folder Student Sit-in at President’s Home – April 1970, #2/05/01, University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa

Creator: State Board of Regents, State of Iowa

Subject: Sit-in Student Trials

Description: On April 15th, 1970 a temporary injunction was granted to the students that participated in the Sit-ins at the University of Northern Iowa by the State Board of Regents in the State of Iowa. Judge Blair Wood (Tenth Judicial District of Iowa) found that a temporary writ of injunction which was asked by the Plaintiff should be granted without the filing of a bond. A restraining order is also filed against the students and any who aid them in a series of events. The students are no longer allowed to interfere with any disciplinary hearings being conducted by the University of Northern Iowa. The students are forbidden from obstructing entrances or exits on President Maucker’s residence along with any facility, street, highway, sidewalk, or grounds at the University of Northern Iowa. The students are not allowed unauthorized presence in any building on University grounds. The students are unable to occupy University areas normally open to public traffic or gatherings. The students are forbid from using force or the threat of force on campus for the purpose of coercing individuals to act against their will. The students may not destroy or damage any property of the University. Finally the students may not commit any other acts, including disruptive noise, which will obstruct the orderly process of the University. The injunction will continue until April 30th, 1970 upon which a hearing will be held at 10am to determine if a permanent injunction and restraining order will be issued.

Date: April 15th, 1970

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